Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)

In Person : 27th to 31st May, 2024 Novotel Al Barsha Hotel, DUBAI - UAE

Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)

Course Overview

This training course teaches Maintenance and Reliability best practices according to the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) standards. It helps participants learn how to improve maintenance and reliability performance, enhance equipment reliability, and stay updated with the latest planning, scheduling, and control practices. The certification you’ll earn, CMRP, is highly respected in the industry and recognized by ANSI and ISO. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about proven best practices, work on real-world issues, and understand the concepts, tools, and processes related to maintenance and reliability.

After Completing this course successfully, participants will:

  • Understand how to apply the SMRP Body of Knowledge to improve
    asset reliability.
  • Learn about SMRP Metrics and why they’re important for reliability
  • Develop a clear vision, mission, and guiding principles for your
    maintenance organization.
  • Define proven maintenance and reliability best practices.
  • Create a plan to implement these best practices effectively.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) for maintenance.
  • Learn the best methods for maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Create preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Understand failure modes for specific components and assets.
  • Recognize the difference between reactive and proactive
  • Learn how to use SMRP Metrics to make your organization more
  • Understand the relationship between the SMRP Body of Knowledge
    and SMRP Metrics
  • Discover the benefits of joining SMRP.
  • Develop a maintenance strategy focused on preventive and predictive
  • Learn how to manage change effectively within your organization.
  • Understand the Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action
    System (FRACAS).

Here are the top 10 benefits of attending this course:

  • Explore globally recognized best practices in Maintenance and
  • Learn how to effectively manage Maintenance Work Processes.
  • Identify barriers to and solutions for efficient Work Force
  • Understand the significance of Operator Driven Reliability and the
    role of 5S and Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Develop Maintenance Strategies and delve into Reliability Centered
    Maintenance principles.
  • Discover various types of Predictive Maintenance tools and their
    practical applications.
  • Design strategies to calculate Reliability Asset Life Cycle Costs.
  • Manage Inventory effectively, including understanding Economic
    Order Quantity (EOQ).
  • Master Maintenance & Reliability tools such as RCA, FMEA, and OEE
    for optimal performance.
  • Implement Leading & Lagging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    and utilize Benchmarking for proactive maintenance strategies.

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